Activities and Leisure in the city of Genoa

Visitors exploring this page can find a variety of wellness and fitness activities to enhance their physical and mental well-being. Highlights include traditional Eastern practices such as Shiatsu, Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga, and Qi Gong for relaxation and balance. Additionally, the Berio public library offers a space for intellectual enrichment and relaxation. Those interested in self-care can visit a local beauty salon, while dance enthusiasts can participate in classes to express themselves and stay fit. Fitness options include well-equipped gyms for maintaining workout routines, as well as opportunities to enjoy the outdoors by running or cycling in Genoa’s scenic landscape. These diverse offerings cater to a wide range of interests, ensuring there is something for everyone seeking wellness and fitness experiences.

Beauty Salon

Let’s dance…

A gym to maintain your fitness

Running in Genoa

Bikefever – for bike lovers